Pre Scented Oil Free Aroma Reeds

Our pre scented dry reeds are infused with pure essential oil based fragrance.

Unlike other reeds on the market that are made from paper composites and structures, ours are not, we use specially selected naturally fallen wood to create our reeds. Similar to our aroma spheres and our aroma rings, rather than depending on chemicals, we have created a proprietary physical process to infuse the highest levels of fragrance possible into our reeds.

We offer our reeds in two sizes - our regular size, which are 12" long and close to the diameter and look of traditional reed diffusers, or you can choose our jumbo aroma reeds, which are also 12" long, but they are a beefy 1/2" in diameter. Whichever size you choose, you can put them out in the provided vase, and let them give your space a lovely aroma for over 45 days. Enjoy your favorite scent, or try blending one or more to create your own unique fragrance.

Traditional Size Reeds - Provided with vase, and two packs of 6 reeds.

Jumbo Reeds - Provided with vase, and 4 jumbo reeds