Oil Free Aroma Reeds (made of recycled paper)

Our oil free aroma reeds are packed 8 reeds per pack. You can use them with specific reed holders, or you can simply use them in the vase of your choice that you already have. These reeds will keep your space smelling amazing for over a month. Our reeds are made recycled paper and are pre scented so there is no mess of oil to deal with. Just put them out and enjoy them.

Just as with our signature candle line, the aroma43 signature line of reeds are made with the same complex, beautiful, deep, and inspiring fragrances you find in our signature candles. You will be struck by a gorgeous fragrance once you smell them, only then to be pulled in by the aromas unfolding in your nose as you enjoy the fragrance more and more. Like a delicious meal, a fine wine, or a great perfume, your senses enjoy the beauty of the aroma43 signature line reeds in layers with delightful complimentary complexity.

Not sure which fragrance you will love the most? Another wonderful feature of our aroma reeds is that you can blend more than one scent to create your own unique aroma. Try Forest Apple and River Moss, it's one of our favorite blends. Also try mixing them in with your flower arrangements, whether real or artificial, to give a great scent of your choice to your floral decor.