Beach Driftwood

Our Signature Candles

Get Back To Mother Nature With aroma43 River Moss Fragrance

I have always found peace and beauty in the woods surrounded by nature. The sounds, the smells, the light and shadows dancing all around. In our ever more digital world, we all need to find this peace and relaxation. We hope we can share a piece of this with you when you enjoy our Rover Moss fragrance.

Love, Smile & Smell


We work to live by our motto "Love, smile and smell" in that order. Love all you can, smile often, and smell the roses (and everything else). We believe in simple elegance. Our candles contain simple ingredients - 100% soy wax, small batch formulated essential oils, all cotton or wood wicks, hand poured into vessels that are beautiful and can be used again after you have enjoyed our candles. We craft our candles and other products in our workshop in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We also create signature candles for businesses and individuals, formulating unique signature scents to make the experience of your guests, whether at a small Inn of large resort, memorable in a unique way. We create product lines custom for boutique stores. We help brides and others to create memories that only a unique and beautiful scent can create for weddings and other events, to give guests a memory they can enjoy over and over.

Simply Amazing Candles

It's hard to find a true 100% soy candle that smells and burns great, these candles burn perfectly and smell amazing. Ordering several for gifts and for home.

Nick L.

In Love With The Oil Free Reeds

Have totally fallen in love with the oil free reeds. I like to mix more than one scent in a vase to create my own perfect aroma. Forest Apple and River Moss is my favorite combination.

Olga A.

Recycled Paper Reeds

Our recycled paper aroma reeds are a beautifully natural way to enjoy fragrance. We have infused these reeds with essential oils and use no VOC's or other chemicals like liquid based reed diffusers. You can simply put them in your favorite vase, or mix with a floral arrangement. As they are dry and the essential oils are infused into the reeds, you can mix and match fragrances to create your own personal blend as well. A personal favorite is Forest Apple and River Moss, but you can find the individual scent or mix that best fits with your personal taste.


aroma43 Signature Fragrance Line